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While federal and state laws do not sufficiently protect farm animals from cruelty, we are working at all levels of government to change that. We’re helping to pass bans on some of the worst factory farming practices, fighting for greater transparency in agriculture, and working to strengthen existing laws so they keep farm animals safe from suffering. But the voices that speak the loudest to lawmakers belong to their own constituents—you.

What are factory farms? These industrial-scale businesses are major sources of brutal suffering for billions of animals—and they're bad for us, too.
Several states have banned one or more forms of extreme confinement, and we are making progress in additional states every year.
Rather than reform destructive practices, corporate agribusiness is pushing "Right to Farm" laws that limit states' power to regulate conditions on farms.
Ag-gag bills are an assault on our rights and threaten to cover up animal abuse and other unethical activities on factory farms.
Learn about our work to improve the animal welfare requirements of the USDA Organic program so they meet consumers’ expectations and farm animals’ needs.
Factory farms are major sources of pollution, antibiotic abuse, unjust employment practices and more. Learn how other organizations are addressing the non-animal-related problems caused by factory farming.
In addition to immense animal suffering, factory farms cause enormous environmental damage, and despite the impact, they are largely exempt from air and water pollution regulations.

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Don't allow important state and local animal welfare regulations to be erased. Bans on cruel farming practices and good laws related to food safety, farm worker protections and more are in danger. Tell your members of Congress to oppose the EATS Act.
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Use our online form to send a message to your U.S. representative and senators urging them to support the Farm System Reform Act—a bold vision for a more humane food system free of factory farming.

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