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Farms and businesses that are listening to today’s consumers know that good farm animal welfare goes beyond personal ethics—it’s essential for building a sustainable and trustworthy brand. Small farmers, large producers, independent businesses and large corporations should all play a part in building a more humane, accountable food system, and stand to benefit from customer loyalty, talent draw and retention, reduced risk and gained market opportunity.

Using in-house knowledge of animal welfare science, certification standards and public relations, the ASPCA is helping farmers and companies adopt meaningful and transparent animal welfare policies and practices. To learn more about the Shop With Your Heart program and how your business can benefit from working with the ASPCA, contact [email protected].

Higher-Welfare Farming funding
Our program to improve farm animals’ lives is informed and supported by farmers and ranchers across the country who share our goal of shifting market demand and policies to support more humane practices. If you are a farmer, we want to hear your ideas for how we can work together.
Higher-Welfare Farming funding
Farmers interested in creating a more humane and sustainable food system and improving the lives of animals often face financial barriers. ASPCA grants and other funding opportunities are available.
The ASPCA Shop With Your Heart list of distinguished brands is a consumer resource that recognizes companies leading the way with welfare-certified supply chains.
We’re working with supermarkets to improve their animal welfare policies and sourcing. See our 2023 Supermarket Scorecard to learn more about stores’ policies and progress reporting.
We’re working with progressive pet food brands to develop sourcing policies and standards that improve the lives of animals and offer better options for pet owners. .
The ASPCA welfare-certified farms list recognizes farms across the U.S. that are certified by a meaningful animal welfare program, thereby helping consumers connect with more humane local farms.
Our Guide to Welfare Certification explains the value and distinguishing features of various welfare-certification programs and can help you determine which one might be a fit for your farm or business.
National polls show that Americans, regardless of age, gender, income or political party, care deeply about the treatment of farm animals and want them to be protected from suffering.
The ASPCA is helping school systems, municipalities and other institutions adopt the Good Food Purchasing Program to source higher-welfare, more sustainable food.

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