Is Lynx Your Missing Link?

August 11, 2022

Sweet boy, Lynx, enjoys playing, meeting new people while out and about on walks, and is our resident nap king! If you have a lap, he’s sure to be in it. 

Lynx is an active young boy who plays well with other pups and would be a great fit for most families. Planning to take him on a nice long walk with you? Count him IN! He’ll even give you a full body wiggle to tell you how excited he is—especially if you bring along some treats.

Lynx will need some time to get used to his new digs, but just take things slow and he’ll warm up to you in no time! Our Matchmakers can give you tips on how to best set Lynx up for housetraining success and the best outlets for his physical and mental energy. 

Are you ready to bring Lynx home? If you live in the tri-state area, check out his profile to complete an application!