Have Room by Your Fireplace? These Cats Want to Curl Up with You!

December 7, 2023


The winter season is upon us, and we hope that you’ll consider opening your home to a fantastic feline! The ASPCA Adoption Center in New York City has a wide variety of cats to befriend, so we’re highlighting a few that we think you should meet! They’re all perfectly unique and one of them might be the perfect match for your family. Take a look and find out for yourself!



Just like the breakfast, Oatmeal is a hearty boy, and playtime with him is the best way to start the day! He’s an independent cat who prefers to seek out your attention on his own terms, but he’ll never say no to a tasty cat treat! Visit his profile to learn more about him!



This sweet lady loves to politely request your attention with a headbutt! Margaret is very happy to spend her days by your side, whether that’s on the couch or in the kitchen during meals. She loves being brushed and enjoys a good catnap, too. Learn more about her by visiting her profile!



If you have a home office, Magnolia will be thrilled to be your new purr-sonal assistant! She always greets you by the door and is happy just hanging out with you. If you’d like to see a beautiful cat bloom with your family, she’s the one for you! Apply to adopt her by visiting her profile!



Bluejay has been waiting patiently for his special someone to bring him home. He’s a sensitive soul who needs an experienced adopter who can read his body language and know when he’s feeling overwhelmed by attention. Once he settles in and gets to know you, he’s quite a social kitty! If you’re ready to hear his birdsong in your home, check out his profile to learn more!



Bowerbird is a staff favorite, and she’s ready to spread her wings with a family of her own! She’s a shy cat who needs time to adjust to new surroundings. With an experienced adopter who can give her the space she needs, she’ll warm up into a wonderful companion. Learn more about this lovely girl on her profile!

If you don’t live in the tri-state area, but you’re still interested in pet adoption, there are lots of other wonderful cats and dogs available at our locations in Weaverville, North CarolinaColumbus, Ohio and Los Angeles! You can also check out your local shelter or visit our friends at Animal Care Centers of NYC!

If your family isn’t ready for adoption, but you’re able to temporarily care for a dog or cat, you can still make a difference for animals in need by becoming a foster caregiver! You can foster for the ASPCA in Columbus, OhioWeaverville, North CarolinaNew York City and Los Angeles (cat fosters only).