Bring Your Store or Restaurant On Board!

Can’t find higher-welfare animal products in your favorite local markets and restaurants?
Show business owners that there’s a demand for more humanely produced food: If you don’t find welfare-certified or plant-based alternatives where you shop or eat, the best thing you can do is ask for them.

Tweet at Your Supermarket

Tweet for Farm Animals
Businesses are paying more attention than ever to feedback on social media. A simple, polite tweet at your supermarket or favorite restaurant will help put the issue of farm animal welfare on their radar. If enough people speak up, they’ll change how they do business.

Example Tweet #1: I am one of the 89% of Americans concerned about factory farming and its devastating effects. Please carry products that have a meaningful animal welfare certification instead! Visit​shopwithyourheart to learn more. #ShopWith​YourHeart #EndFactoryFarming

Example Tweet #2: Many Americans are trying to eat less meat. Please carry more plant-based alternatives and make them easy to find in your store! Visit​shopwithyourheart to learn more. #ShopWith​YourHeart #EndFactoryFarming

Example Tweet #3: Consumers like me are concerned about the widespread suffering of chickens raised for meat. Please make the Better Chicken Commitment! Visit #ShopWith​YourHeart #EndFactoryFarming

Click to tweet at your favorite supermarket, and copy one of the sample tweets above!




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Supermarket request letterCustomer Request Letter
Our request letter is easy to print, customize and give to managers either in person or via email. It asks businesses to offer products from welfare-certified farms and plant-based alternatives.
Download Now:
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Make the Ask on Yelp or Facebook
If you didn’t find any higher-welfare options where you shopped or ate, post a review on the business’s Yelp or Facebook page asking management to consider farm animal welfare and offer welfare-certified and plant-based alternatives.

 Thank Stores for Carrying Higher-Welfare Options!

Leave a Positive Review

Tweet Your Gratitude
If stores and restaurants know you appreciate the items they carry, they’ll keep them around and expand the selection. Tweet a simple thank you to the establishments where you’ve found welfare-certified meat, eggs and dairy or plant-based alternatives!

Leave a positive review

Leave a Positive Review
If you found what you were looking for, let the business know you appreciate being able to shop with your heart!