Handsome Casanova Will Have You Swooning

June 1, 2023


Say hello to Los Angeles resident, Casanova! This handsome boy is the sweetest cat you’ll ever meet and is certain to be your constant companion. 

Casanova is gentle, calm and loves to spend time with you. He will follow you around the house and enjoys lying next to you while watching TV. Casanova’s not a fan of being picked up but loves to get belly rubs and pets around his head. He can be a bit of a chatterbox and has a very cute meow. He often sleeps all day, then plays with his toy mice at night. But the real key to his heart? Treats!

Casanova is a sensitive boy, so he requires a quiet home with a patient adopter who can slowly build his trust. He would do best in a home with comfy, secluded areas for him to hide out and decompress for the first couple of weeks in a new environment. He takes his time getting to know new people, but once he feels comfortable, he will start to venture out of his safe space and blossom into a total sweetheart! Our Adoption Team would be happy to provide recommendations to help Casanova come out of his shell.

If Casanova sounds like the charming cat you need in your life and you live in the L.A. area, check out his profile to complete an application!