Adopt a Shelter Cat Month Is the Purrfect Time to Meet a New Feline Friend!

June 18, 2024


We’re halfway through June, which means there’s still plenty of time to celebrate Adopt a Shelter Cat Month! With the help of our friends at ARM & HAMMER™ Cat Litter, we are showcasing some of the amazing kitty companions who are waiting to be adopted in Los Angeles and New York City. To help show off their best features, ARM & HAMMER provided us with the cutest AI-generated images of our cats!

If you decide to adopt one of these cuties, you’ll also be joining an incredible movement called The Rescue Effect! When one cat is adopted, a ripple of impact and change is felt throughout shelters, creating space for more animals to be cared for and loved. Visit to learn more about how you can make an impact this Adopt a Shelter Cat Month!

These adorable kitties are waiting for you in Los Angeles:



Now that all her kittens have found loving homes, it’s Momo’s turn! She can be shy at first but is a real lovebug after getting to know you. This quirky girl adores her friends and will keep them company throughout the day. She also hopes to have a big toy collection one day, because she really enjoys chasing after them!  Check out her profile to learn more about Momo!



Just like her namesake, Tulip is a cat who will blossom with some love and affection! When given some time and space to open up in a new home, she’ll soon be your little chatterbox. You can help her settle in with some fun play sessions and lots of tasty treats! Visit her profile to find out more about adopting Tulip!

If you’re looking for love in New York City, consider these cool cats:

Wren and Pelican


What’s better than one new BFF? Two new BFFs! Wren (orange) and Pelican (grey) are looking for a home who has space for them both. They are a dynamic duo and they bring out the best in one another! Pelican loves to play, and Wren is the quiet one of the pair. With love and patience, you’ll have trusting companions for life! Learn more about them over on their profiles!



This distinguished gentleman is pleased to make your acquaintance! Fred is a social guy who will always greet you at the door and keep you company around the house. He’s happy to sit with you on the couch or look through a window to keep an eye on the neighborhood. Does Fred sound like the friend that’s missing from your life? Check out his profile to learn more!



Say hello to Sourdough! This gal really loves her people, and she likes to show it with chirps and rubbing against their legs. She is on a weight loss journey so she shouldn’t get too many treats. After Sourdough settles into your home, she’ll show how comfortable she is with you by showing you her cute belly. You can apply to adopt Sourdough over on her profile!



Torta has found a loving home!

Torta is a true sensitive soul, and he can’t wait to find his special someone! When he’s in a new home, he’ll need some time to show his true colors. Once he feels at home, he likes to chirp for attention and lean into gentle pets. He’s the kind of cat who likes to go at his own pace, and he’ll look for you when he’s ready! If you’d like to get to know this sweet guy, visit Torta’s profile!

If you don’t live in the Los Angeles or tri-state areas, but you would like to celebrate Adopt a Shelter Cat Month with us, you can check out the adoptable cats at your local shelter or visit our friends at Animal Care Centers of NYC!

You can also make a lifesaving impact on cats in need by becoming a foster caregiver! Fostering plays an important role in The Rescue Effect – especially for special cats like these! You can foster for the ASPCA in Columbus, OhioNew York City, Los Angeles and Weaverville, North Carolina (dog fosters only).